Yes Games is a mobile game development studio based out of China, with a strong record of developing games for famous anime such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Fantasia Sango Five.

Since 2014, a team of 20 console game lovers, who are also game developers, artists, and engineers, formed Gunship Studio and started their journey toward “Shield of God” development. With more than 18 months of hard work, the alpha version is finally ready for E3 2016.

Features of Shield of God:

  1. Thrilling story
    The background of this game takes place in the future. To enrich the RPG game play, our scriptwriter took a year to complete the settings of the game. And our director and engineers worked closely together to overcome the difficulties in mobile game development and make sure the story is well embedded in the game play.


  1. Cinematic visuals
    One of the biggest challenges of 3D mobile game is the artwork and 3D model optimization in mobile devices. The progress of our work in this area is excellent.Sneak peak of the game opening now!


  1. Challenging game play
    To survive, you will need to build your team’s skills through practice and equip your squad mates with the best weapons you can find. Ward off raiders, monsters, opposing factions, and enemies beyond your imagination to defend your team and complete your mission with honor.

There are two modes of the game: Story and Free. Story mode contains 45 missions, which are expected to provide 15-20 hours of game time for players. And free mode? 35 missions with even harder difficulties are on the way!

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