Character Spotlight: Bill “The Dwarf” Basturk


Bill is a member of Squad Hercules. Before joining the Shield of God voluntarily, he was originally from the Turkish Marines. Although he was in Squad Hercules for quite a long time and had carried out a lot of missions, he mostly just kept to himself and hence only had a weak sense of existence among the team. He was short and slightly skinny, often was made fun of and bullied by other squad mates. That didn’t get him mad and he managed to keep a low profile in the squad.

However, weak on the surface, his real identity was actually a secret assassination team member personally trained by ICIC leader “The Elder.” He was an orphan and was adopted and trained by the leader when he was around 4 years old. After a few years of intense training, he became a killing machine. With the help of some “irregular procedures” of ICIC members, he was given a legal Turkish nationality and joined the military. Given his stringent and extreme training received since young, he performed extremely well in the army. After contributing to a few hard missions, he was quickly noticed and recruited by the Turkish Marines. He was in close contact with the ICIC leader during this whole period. In 2020, ICIC was finally established. The leader then reckoned that would be the perfect timing for Bill to join the Shield of God and acted as the spy for ICIC. Before joining the Shield of God, Bill has always been an order-taking machine solely. However, after joining the Shield of God and after years of getting along with its members, Bill started to experience some changes. As the conflict between ICIC and Shield of God deepened, Bill started to reconsider carefully for his own future….

Check in next week to see what other main characters we reveal!

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Character Spotlight: William “Cyclops” Jericho

William “Cyclops” Jericho is one of the main characters in Shield of God,

A member of Squad Hercules, originally from the British SAS brigade. The first mission after joining Shield of God, he was injured when battling members of ICIC and was captured in one of the Red Zones. He was brought back to a ICIC stronghold where he was brutally interrogated. Until his interrogator gouged his right eye out, he was still able to endure the pain and remain silent. Eventually team leader Randy, led squad “Hercules” into the heart of enemy territory, saving the unconscious William. After returning to the Shield of God HQ, the in-house medic used advanced technology to install an cybernetic eye. From then on through the use of his new eye he gained extraordinary eyesight.

However that experience left an deep scar. Since that incident, William has nothing but the utmost hatred for ICIC members. He loses control whenever he meets them during missions, disobeying orders and killing enemies with excessive violence. In spite of that he is still a calm, cool and excellent sniper. Although he keeps to himself, William highly respects his leader Randy, who previously saved him from ICIC. While Chris is one of the few that he is willing to exchange a few words with.

Be sure to check out his character art and let us know what you think! Check back next week for another man character image!

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Shield of God gamer feedback at E3 2016

You helped make this game better!

“Woah, the art is amazing!”

“I love the attention to detail…”

“It might be a bit too hard for me, but it’s definitely a fun game.”

“Why is it named ‘Shield of God’? Is it related to religion?”

“Awesome art, awesome sound, awesome game! Can’t wait to get it!”

“I had a lot of fun with the game! Can’t wait to see more progress! “

Thank you to all the game testers! Your comments about Shield of God really helped us prioritize feature development and improvements.

Shield of God is a 3D, sci-fi mobile strategy game, and the whole story takes place in the far future. The game will play as the commander of the operation team, leading them to complete the mission and defeat enemies while moving around an open map. The player’s strategy and squad mates selection are key elements of their success.

We strongly believe that there is high demand for quality mobile games in the market. Console gamers are our primary target, as we embrace the fun and fantastic stories of all the big titles we have played. In order to create a good mobile game that would remind our target players of their console game experience, the studio spent over 300 hours on the cut-scenes and animations.
Shield of God will be launched on the App Store in 2016 Q4. Before that, we plan to have our Alpha version ready for New Zealanders and those who have signed up for a sneak-peek on our site. We’ve devoted our passion, time and energy to making Shield of God an exceptional gaming experience. However, we have our limitations; we’re not familiar with western culture and what the best user experience is. As such, we need gamers’ help by them trying this game out and giving us feedback.
It may be difficult to make a console-style mobile game, but the process is fun and rewarding as long as your gamers care as much as you do.

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Shield Of God debut at E3 2016! Are you game?

Alpha version of shield of God is going to hit the show floor of E3.

QQ图片20160607111645.pngAfter weeks of debugging, it’s a suitable time to announce that the alpha version of Shield of God is ready. We’re very excited to bring this new game to E3 and share with the adventurous gamers who opted in for the game testing. The more feedback you give, the better the game will be.



New cinematic opening: Checked

Tutorial for new players: Checked

New characters: Checked

Game levels and boss flight: Checked

Sound effect and voice: Checked!

App icon: Checked!

Surprise@ show floor: On the way!


What to expect? A good time at E3. 🙂

This game has a 99% risk of failure. Why does this game studio insist on making it?


If you’re a die-hard lover of console games, Shield of God may disappoint you. Come on: how many exceptional console game develo
pers have put their AAA titles completely onto mobile game platforms? How dare a China-based game studio claim that they can make a military-themed mobile game that meets the expectations of console game lovers? How silly are they if they expect to make lots of money? Don’t they know how much money a strategy game consumes before there’s even a demo? I personally think it’s not the best choice for a Chinese game studio.


小队出击背景1.jpgWhen they hired me at the beginning of February, I was shown the demo version. The cinema
tic effects and the voice-acting in the openings caught my attention. I thought, “Woah! How cool is this? I can relate it to good old ‘Metal Gear Solid’! It may not be as great as MGS, but if it can be even one-third as much fun, it will already be an awesome game!” That’s why I accepted the offer. After one week, my boss and producer told me that they were unhappy with what they’d shown me before. (What the…?) And they wanted me to make an even better version that I could show people at E3 2016. According to my experience, these statements means either a) it will never happen or b) overtime. A lot of it. Well, when a man loves video games so much that he decides to be a game developer, you’ll never persuade him to not make his game better! After 3 months of production, the cost of the alpha version’s production has already increased by 30%.


队员选择背景.jpgShield of God is unique in its own way. The whole studio always strives for excellence, even for alpha-version productions. The art assets are modified a few times, just because we think all characters should show their personalities on first appearance. All the music, sound effects and voice-overs are produced by professional artists and musicians because we believe that the character
s’ personalities and the game’s mood should be well presented via sound. Last but not least, the game itself has undergone serious debugging process carried out by a gro
up of game lovers. We know how annoying it is for a game to lag, crash or freeze while you’re in the heat of battle. The game play itself may not include a lot of innovations, but its developers have been trying to integrate the fun elements of console games into a mobile-game framework.
Why do you let others tell you which game is fun and which is not? If you’re going to E3, register here for a live demo. If not? No worries. Sign up here when the alpha version is available.


Yes Games is forging its next-gen strategy game “SHIELD OF GOD”

Yes Games is a mobile game development studio based out of China with a strong record of developing games for famous anime such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Fantasia Sango 5. Recently, Yes Games has announced the development of its new 3D mobile strategy game titled “SHIELD OF GOD”, featuring magnificent cinematic visuals as well as new innovating and exciting gameplay.

In the game you are the commander of a top secret special operations team equipped with powerful and distinct skills tasked with a mission to stop Nazi raiders, code-named “Hydra”, from retrieving the lost Ark of the Temple of Solomon. Little could anyone have imagined that it would be just the beginning…

With gameplay mechanics similar to the classic “Neverwinter Nights” by BioWare, you and your team are tasked with defeating powerful enemies and overcoming insurmountable odds in order to collect the information required to solve the mysteries to finally defeat Hydra. Form your team from different classes (ranger, healer, tank). Choose different skills and feats to help you to pass particular levels. Use your significant creative freedom to demonstrate your individual battle style and apply your own strategy.

According to Yes Games, since “Infinity Blade”, there has been a huge demand in the market left unfulfilled for a 3A quality mobile game of this kind and thus SHIELD OF GOD’s target is to fill this gap by providing an excellent mobile game experience to console game-lovers.

“SHIELD OF GOD” currently targets to launch globally in 2016 Q4.